About Secret Pie

About Secret Pie

We help baby products, gifts & home brands & retailers get found & loved online.

Secret Pie is a Digital Marketing & Online PR consultancy that works with baby products, gifts and home & garden brands & retailers across the UK, Europe and North America…which keeps us up at all times of the day and night.
With service and skill at the heart of the operation, Secret Pie delivers projects for our clients on time, within budget, and in ways that ensure that the impact or end result is measurable so that you know what success looks like.
We like to get things done, and we like having fun while doing things; no harm in that.

What We Do

We keep our attention focused on the nursery, gifts and home industries because we have deep experience in those sectors and we feel that there are shared synergies between them.

Not allowing ourselves to be distracted by clients from other industries means we have more time to understand and devour the latest innovations and happenings in those three categories and the end result is better content and deeper learnings which we use to help our clients grow.

Our speciality is digital marketing and online PR, and a full list of our online marketing services is available on this website. We tend not to look at these as ‘things’ that sit on a shelf waiting to be ‘sold’. We prefer to meet and learn and discuss and then suggest appropriate solutions to your marketing challenges.

Please contact us if you would like to know more.