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The exact place and purpose of social media in business today is still being reconciled though no-one can argue that Social Media Marketing & Management Services are not important to most organisations.

Activity across the popular social media services (e.g, Facebook, Instagram & Twitter) continues to grow at an exponential rate. Also growing are the differing opinions of journalists, bloggers, agencies, marketing managers and managing directors as to what use such tools are to businesses and how effective they can be.

What is the point of Twitter? How can Pinterest help my brand? Is the Instagram audience too ‘young’ for my product? Should I be blogging on behalf of my business?

We could fill the page with questions like these that we have been asked through the years of delivering our social media marketing & management services. Often the answers will vary depending on the person asking the question and/or the business they represent. Sometimes our best advice is to recommend that you leave social media alone as it doesn’t suit your offering! This is a rare response, but does happen.

Social media marketing & management services are not just a way of us helping you to tell lots of people lots of things quickly and cheaply. They are also a great way to ‘listen in’ on what people are saying about your brand or the competition. They are also a very cost effective way of adding new and fresh content to your website or providing a customer service channel.

There are plenty of consultants that are claiming to be ‘gurus’ in this area of digital marketing. There are others who argue that Social Media is not new and has been happening in business for 25 years or more. There are even more who will take your money and deliver a wardrobe full of new clothes for the emperor. They all annoy the heck out of us!

We will simply explain the options that best suit your business and demonstrate some ways that the technology behind Social Media might save you some money and help to grow your audience. We can show you how it fits in as part of a wider communications strategy if you are already active in many other areas.

If you need someone to manage your accounts for you then this is a service we also offer and we are more than happy to roll up our sleeves and be your day-to-day social media manager. We currently do this for some great brands of all shapes and sizes and with much success too and they have trusted us for quite a few years now.

We’re not gurus though…sorry.

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