Strategic Digital Marketing

Secret Pie has experience of working in a number of senior digital and ecommerce roles both for client-side companies and for agencies. Strategies have been developed and executed, large-scale ecommerce projects have been delivered, and multi-million pound marketing plans have been successfully rolled out.

Conversely, small budgets have also been flexed to produce results that punch well above their weight and small tactical projects have been delivered quickly and without fuss. Indeed some of the most rewarding work has come from taking a small spend and producing big results or impressive cost savings.

A strategic digital marketing consultancy and project management service is offered by Secret Pie, specialising in the following areas:-

  • Ecommerce strategy and/or project management (PRINCE2 qualified)
  • Warehouse and logistics sourcing and integration
  • Digital marketing planning and execution
  • Management of your existing third party digital supply chain
  • CRM planning and customer service process engineering
  • Business process streamlining and cost reduction through digital system uptake
  • A safe pair of hands to cover key staff turnover times or assist in busy project periods

Whether you need senior assistance during a key business change period, or someone who you break glass for in times of emergency, we would welcome the opportunity to discuss how we can help your business plan for a more successful digital future.

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