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There has been quite a sea-change in recent years in how people research their purchases, whether they are an expecting couple, new homeowners or a person looking for something extra special for a gifting occasion.

Online is where the lion’s share of the decision making is done. That is not to say that everything gets ordered through the ether, but rather the initial investigation and the forming of the shortlist of ideas tends to be virtual nowadays.

The 2nd dawn of mobile through smartphones and tablets is fanning the flames. It used to be that you read a newspaper or magazine on the train to work, and it was potluck that they had written about and printed something truly relevant to you. Now people are more in control of their ‘dead time’ as they browse for content that relates to exactly what mood they are in or what they need to get answers to.

Take a look at your Google Analytics data and you are likely to see that a very, very high percentage of visits are now being logged against mobile devices – this is not people sat at a desk; this is people on trains, buses, couches, lunch breaks and in restaurants, cafes, baths and supermarkets.

To get your products or store found you need to create content, and that is one of our specialities.

We offer a number of Online PR & Blogger services that are fit for the smallest of budgets upwards. Maybe you need a couple of press releases written for your own use with the media, or perhaps you need someone to manage your many hundreds of blogger requests and help you to separate the wheat from the chaff?

We can nurture and grow your bank of content or we can be the gamekeeper that makes sure your product samples get into the right hands of people who will create genuine and great reviews or articles about them.

We create content that is either aimed at the media, bloggers or direct to your consumers or customers. We can also bring bigger ideas to life for a lot less outlay that you might imagine, from books to podcasts to regular YouTube content through to press events and blogger outreaches.

We have quietly been providing online PR & blogger services at a number of different levels for years with some great clients, and now we have opened up this service exclusively to brands and retailers from the nursery and baby products, gifts, home and garden industries.

We can tailor an online PR & blogger services package to suit your needs or budget and we can get you found and loved online by your target customers. As an added bonus to business owners Online PR also generates some great extra content through media owners and bloggers that you can then repurpose and use through your own social media and online marketing channels and we can show you how to make the most of this.

Great PR starts with a chat, and that is the first step for any enquiries we receive, so please contact us to discuss your online PR & blogger services requirements and let’s see what happens…

NB: If you are a UK blogger and write about parenting, gifts or home & garden themes then please register your details with us.

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