Video Marketing & Production

Video marketing works really well for any size of company. A good promotional video lends itself well to websites, exhibition stands, in-store or in the office reception.

They can also be uploaded to social media services such as Facebook and YouTube where they become very easy to share with your existing audience and work at recruiting new followers and customers. This works especially well now that mobile devices can handle such content relatively seamlessly (and this will continue to improve even further).

Our video creation services start at only £99 and naturally climb as the brief becomes more complex or the video length increases. We always give you a quote and stick to it.

We can also take video footage that you might have captured yourselves and edit it down and stitch it together with other images and assets to create something useful for your business.

Useful or compelling video content no longer needs to cost a business thousands of pounds so that particular barrier to entry has been removed. Once your video is created it is yours to keep and can be useful and hard-working for years. They are also easy to tweak and edit after they have been made, so don’t worry about updates costing you lots of money either!

If you have been thinking about video marketing but haven’t done anything about it yet, or have a project idea that you would like to discuss then please contact us today and we’ll talk through our service with you in more detail.

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