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4 Reasons to work with Secret Pie

Knowledge & Experience

By focussing solely on nursery, gifts & home we always have time to keep our knowledge up-to-date which means we give a better in-depth service than some of our ‘catch-all’ competitors.


We adapt to meet your needs; there’s no set menu. We can do one thing or everything for you, and all points in between. Regular retainer or one-off projects, nothing is too small or too big.


We love what we do, and we love the industries we do it for. Nursery, gifts and home is our passion, and we get excited about digital marketing…it’s a powerful combination.

Great Value

Our rates are benchmarked to make sure you get great output at a great price. Also the price we quote for work is the price you pay…no extras or nasty surprises with our invoicing.

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Going Fishing or Drowning Worms? How To Catch New Customers
- by Ross Hewitt

I like fishing…it’s peaceful and allows a few hours of disconnect from the internet… But fishing and digital marketing do share a lot of common ground and the links are far from tenuous. Seriously…stay with me on this one! No…

It’s All About The People, People
- by Ross Hewitt

People is the most important ‘P’ in marketing, whether it is the folk who work the trade shows or the personality you adopt online, it all goes into the mix and is part of the brand and message.

Be Flirty This Summer, But Loyal To The Core
- by Ross Hewitt

A few days of sunshine or the onset of summer and the main or sole focus of baby products marketing and advertising turns to parasols, lightweight strollers and holiday and travel accessories. And why not? Digital marketing tools and platforms let us react almost instantly to changes in climate, season, news stories and more. We can track the activity right through to online pounds spent with us, or numbers of visitors to our websites, or likes and retweets on social media and it makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Here comes the ‘however’…